How does StoryCode work?

StoryCode uses blockchain and smart tags (QR/NFC/RFID) to track the complete product lifecycle.
Consumers can verify product information from their mobile devices and access a brand new interaction level through StoryCode's landing page.

Solution summary

Efficient Production Management
Using smart tags such as QR codes, NFC or RFID devices, product lifecycle tracking is achieved. This also allows to manage quality information efficiently.
Direct Interaction with Clients
StoryCode allows direct interaction with end consumer. Brands can manage content published on StoryCode product's landing page. Polls, contests, and offers can be included so end consumer can easily access them scanning the QR code.
Commercial Channels Effective Control
Starting from the data centralization obtained via interaction with the consumer on (stored on the blockchain), companies can quickly detect conflicts at channel-level and make concrete decisions to correct them.

Success Story

Product Story

Blockchain-as-a-Service Integrated Solution

One of the world's leading insurance companies started with 3 wineries in Italy with the aim of becoming a standard for the National Association of Farmers and the National Wine Association of Italy.

By implementing the integrated solution, it was possible to increase potential market served by 1000%. Business model changed and costs of warranties dropped dramatically including labor, data and system costs. Commercial growth of new markets and customers has become a definitive motivation to continue expanding this model worldwide.

StoryCode path

Based on Vechain ToolChain™ blockchain ecosystem

  1. 1Register and identify needs
    • Access credentials and user profiles generation
    • Understanding current state of the business
  2. 2Prepare your business for the blockchain
    • Request and printing of QR codes
    • Business process generation
    • Product profiles creation
  3. 3Start tracking
    • Track every single critical point to achieve best traceability
    • Nurture process with any additional information needed
  4. 4Add value
    • Add certifications
    • Integrate external audits and validations
  5. 5Communicate with your clients
    • Through the QR code, customers can see product's lifecycle, access its history and company can interact directly with them

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