Our creative process

  1. 1Idea talk

    We start our projects by talking or meeting with you to understand your business. Then we talk about what your business goals, and whether you already have an idea about a software solution to help you meet those goals.

  2. 2Propose solution

    We come back to you with a proposed solution and then, we work together to make it better. We define a scope for the project and the basic workflow for the software.

  3. 3Sketch it out

    First we make a wireframe and prototype. In this step we will define the exact functionality and user flow. We create wireframes for each screen, define the user flow and interactions. After that, we focus on the application's identity and the final UI.

  4. 4Create

    This is where we use our software development teams to make your application a reality. We're always in communications and you'll always be updated on the development.

  5. 5Test

    Our Quality Assurance team takes your software and puts it through rigorous test from screen to screen ensuring it works perfectly. This includes automated testing, UX testing, code quality, security & performance.

  6. 6Fix and improve

    We fix any issue that may arise in the QA step and also include some improvements. We also set up analytics & tracking to collect data for future improvements.

  7. 7Go live

    We make the software available either by publishing the website or submitting an app to the app stores.

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