Dr. Contact Lens

Dr. Contact Lens aimed to allow patients to order directly from their doctor's office. It shall sync with patients EMRs so they can order in 1 easy click. Our objective was to create a platform capable to back up and fuel the quick growth of the entire business.

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A mobile application for fitness enthusiasts and professionals. We had the challenge of creating an App that had to be simple and practical for people that would be exercising at the gym. We iterated over our user-centric design process to come up with a great outcome.

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Nos Falta 1

This app solves one of the everyday problem most soccer fans face: how to organize amateur matches with your friends? Our goal (pun intended) was to make it easier to organize soccer matches that were organized through text, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. The resulting app made this process much easier, allowing you to find matches, send invitations, and communicate with your teammates in one place.

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Marketing & Trade Services

We work with a major retail business to streamline the whole process of the company. The company dealt with large amounts of data from many places, but the process was manual and error prone. In response, we developed an app that allowed the operator to do all the data collection and sending. Finally, we built a website where all the data is processed and made available to analysts and managers.

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Sonrisas Argentinas

We were tasked with developing a new app for orthodontics center. The flow in the old app was designed based on how the orthodontics center works, rather than on how users think. We worked with them to develop an app that dealt with every step of the patient care workflow. The resulting app improved the user experience and made the orthodontics center more efficient.

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