Sonrisas Argentinas
Project Description

SAOS is a management system for dental clinics. The main modules of the solution are: patients, appointments, billing, doctors and reports.

The system handles the whole process of attention in a simple and intuitive way, from the reception of the patient to the generation of the medical history.

The patient is discharged at the reception, assigned the treatments and then transferred to the waiting room.

In the waiting room you will find a modern turn screen and you wait until the first available doctor calls your number through the computer.

Once treated, the doctor can make the entry to feed the clinical history of the patient and generate a new treatment.

The system includes the management of commissions for doctors, financial reports, configuration of treatments and products by branch, handling of absent patients, scheduled reports, internal notifications, etc.

The system allows the creation of roles dynamically, which provides maximum flexibility for users.

Project Details
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