Marketing & Trade Services
Project Description

Marketing And Trade is a company dedicated to the replacement of products for certain customers in big chain stores all over the country. At the same time, MTS is also dedicated to the collection of statistic data such as prices and existing stock, news that occur in the store that is visited, and also, photos are given to settle the work performed or present anomalies.

The mobile application is operated by the operators themselves, who at the beginning of the day download the entire roadmap, even are able to do work of subsequent days. When they enter to a store, they are guided interactively through the process of loading data, until they end up with their customers and close the store, which results in an automatic process of sending information to the Backend.

On the other hand, the second part of the solution is composed of an Backend, where the stores, chains, customers, products to be relieved, and user's roadmaps are determined. All the information loaded goes through a process in which it is manually approved through intelligent grouping reports. Once the information is approved, a report is generated that reaches the customer. Furhermore, each client has access to a custom Dashboard where he can consult all the information that was collected for him, using tools like Pivot, graphs, etc.

Project Details
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